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  • "I have sent both of my kids to Heart to Heart and they are truly the best child care in the area. Both of my children started going as infants. The teachers and programs are amazing. The curriculum is educational based and age appropriate and the focus is to get the children on step closer to preparing them for kindergarten. In each classroom, children are given the opportunity to excel in all of their abilities. My kids have gone on field trips, learned to use computers, and have come home with amazing class projects."
    Submitted by: C.C
  • Such a family oriented daycare. Everyone is so helpful and it shows that they really care about the kids. Jackie really takes an interest in my child's growth and development.
    Submitted by: S.G
  • The best daycare provider in the Brewster area. Five years ago we enrolled our son. He was one of the first kids in the new school and we have 1 more year left with our daughter. To us it is not a daycare but an extension of our family. Dan Rudolph has been a part of our lives for five years and has helped develop our children into well rounded individuals.
    Submitted by. G.G

  • I originally met with Dan and his staff in August and registered my unborn baby for January. January came in a flash and before 1 knew it, I was bringing my daughter to day care. Bringing your 10 week old baby to any type of babysitter is nerve racking. As a parent, every question and scenario plays through your mind. Dan, the infant room teachers and all the staff have been beyond amazing with my daughter. She is well cared for and is smiling at her teachers from the moment we walk in the door. The teachers have even taken the time to coddle me on days I was having hard time adjusting to being a working mom. They say the proof is in the pudding — the school has a webcam in her room. I've been on it once, the first day, and never felt the need to look again. This facility lives up to its name — it's all about heart!
    Submitted by: J.S
  • Heat 2 Heart Child Care goes above and beyond any daycare I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. The staff is caring and supportive of each parents wants and needs for the children. The curriculum implemented on a daily basis has helped my child learn and grow. I'm always impressed by the amount of work and creativity put into planning activities for the children. My child's education is great importance to me and I am thrilled with H2H's enthusiastic programs.
    Submitted by: J.V
  • This daycare center provides all a child (and parent) could want in a pre-school/daycare environment. From learning colors, numbers, speech, and enhancing motor skills to a friendly and relaxed atmosphere that gives the children the incentive to learn and grow. The teachers are wonderful and help the kids with structured and creative days with many special times throughout the year that make their attendance a joy. An outside play area for the summer also lets the kids have an outdoor experience to feel free and learn/play in different areas. The flexibility with designated daycare days for the parents is also priceless!!
    Submitted by: M.J
  • My son has been enrolled in H2H since infancy and he has flourished under the care of his providers. He reached most milestones earlier than the norm. Now, before his 2nd birthday, he can recognize letters, numbers, shapes, and colors; his vocabulary is rather extensive; and he has developed problem solving skills beyond his age. More importantly, he demonstrates genuine compassion to his teacher and classmates. I am grateful to H2H staff for treating my son with the care I would expect from a family member or friend balanced with the expertise of knowledgeable professionals.
    Submitted by: R.F
  • I was the Director and Head Teacher of a Pre-School program in Westchester County for many years, and as a professional, I'm impressed daily with the knowledge, care to detail and joy that these teachers bring to the classrooms every day. These people really know what they are doing, and my daughter has a love of learning and tremendous self-confidence to prove it!
    Submitted by: R.S.
  • Heart 2 Heart school is an amazing caring place. The director Mr. Dan is wonderful. He is always there assisting and you know he loves the school and cares about everyone. Miss Rosemaria is the preschool teacher and she is Awesome! My daughter absolutely loves going to preschool and has learned so much. Miss Rosemaria has a wonderful curriculum. She truly cares so much for the children and you can feel that. It's so hard for parents to send
    their little ones to childcare but Heart 2 Heart is not just a childcare, it is a learning center. I know that my daughter isn't just put into a room to just "play toys" all day, she is learning so much and as a parent, it is a wonderful feeling. Heart 2 Heart makes you feel like family. My daughter has been there for 2 years now and I love knowing that we picked the absolute best place for our child care needs. Thank you!!!!
    Submitted by: S.S
  • My 17 month old daughter has been attending the Heart 2 Heart Child Care Center for about 9 months now. It is a fantastic daycare center. The staff is very caring toward all the children and encourages them to explore and learn through different activities. The video camera installed in each class room provides parents the opportunity to watch their child at different times during the day. My daughter comes home really happy every day and looks forward to going there every morning.
    Submitted by: V.P
  • Heart 2 Heart is a great place for infants and toddlers alike. It's a friendly place for your kids to learn with professional teachers who honestly care about the development and well-being of a parent's child. The atmosphere is bright, positive and colorful with artwork from the children hanging on the wall to show ongoing activities, as well as all the progress the kids make as they learn going forward. The age ranges are also broken down from room to room so the kids gain confidence as individuals, as they grow with their peers before moving on to the next room in their age bracket. Having an outside play area is also very helpful in exploring nature and getting exercise in the fresh air. My son loves the teachers and the time he has there.
    Submitted by: M.J
  • My son is four years old and we did not really have such a good experience with his first daycare center, so we decided to try a different one. That is when we enrolled him into Heart 2 Heart. It has been, by far, the best choice we have made for him as parents. Dan, the director, is such an amazing man. He really gets personal with the children and is a very hands-on teacher. My son adores him. Dan is the type of director that just does not sit around the front desk waiting to collect tuition; you can always find him in a classroom working on a project with a child. In Heart 2 Heart, the teachers are very proactive and use positive affirmation consistently. Ms. Vicky, who is my son's teacher, is great at this method. She really takes a step back and acknowledges each and every child's need. She has tons of projects lined up for the week and does not have your child just sit for hours and play with the same toy. The school trips they have and the curriculum lesson she has planned out for week are by far amazing; sometimes I wish I was in her classroom myself. In conclusion, Heart 2 Heart is the best daycare out there; I only wish I would have met them sooner. As parents, while we are at work, we can continue our day knowing that our child is safe and having the best time ever. The feeling of picking up your child at 5:00 PM from his classroom and listening to him say, "I had so much fun today in my classroom and my teacher said I did a great job," is the most intense comfort a parent can have.
    Submitted by: S.A
  • I enrolled my 20 month old daughter at Heart 2 Heart when Mr. Dan was first opening.
    She was the fourth child there, and at that time was only with three older boys. Mr. Dan crafted a program for her and paid close attention to age appropriate tasks, but soon my daughter was doing everything the boys, more than a year older were doing. Now at 4 1/2 years old, my daughter is a beginner reader; she knows all of her letters (upper and lower case) and can count to 200. Because of Ms. Vicki, she knows artists and can identify the works of Jackson Pollack and Vincent Van Gogh; she knows all of the planets and much more. We are ready for kindergarten in spades!!! We love Heart 2 Heart so much that even though we have moved 2 hour away, we still bring our daughter there five days a week. I cannot recommend Heart 2 Heart enough!!!!
    Submitted by: A.F

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